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Diane Ray is an on-air personality who has worked with many different radio stations in the past. However, she is most notably known for her work as the Network Radio Manager/Producer for Hay House, Inc (a leading provider in the self-help, personal growth, and spirituality industry). After Diane departed from her role at Hay House Radio, she came to Robertson Branding to help build a personal brand.

The Goal

Diane’s goal was to create an identity for herself that echoed her personality and showcase her impressive portfolio of voice over work. She also wanted to establish a digital experience that would allow her to share her latest ventures with her audience.

The Solution & Results

I wanted to give Diane a look that was as fun and as outgoing as her personality. So, to establish Diane’s visual identity, I listened to a library of her voice work, taking note of how she sounded in all of her work overall. Then, we took those notes and applied theoretical color principles, developing a palette that encompassed her character perfectly.

Diane’s logo identifies her brand and takes on the mantel of explaining what she does without words. The microphone inside a “play button” more than obviously gives on-lookers a hint that Diane Ray is involved in the audio industry. The website, built with growth in mind, was developed as a tool for Diane to communicate with her audience. Diane currently shares blog posts and recent episodes of BePresent: The Diane Ray Show which she hosted on Unity Online Radio.

As a result of the project, Diane had a very successful website launch, ending in more followers and great engagement from current fans and previous guests. She is now using her platform to promote her newest podcast venture, Mind, Body, Spirit.Fm

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