Brand Identity

Kalki Consulting

The Client

Kalki Consulting


Aaron Robertson
Larry Bevins
Vikas Bhatia

Rebranding For
Trust & Security

Kalki Consulting offers practical, affordable, expert security advice and training for SME companies who want to protect their futures.

The Goal

To reposition and rebrand Kalki Consulting as a Global contender in the IT security market. In addition, Kalki was looking to communicate their multi-faceted nature and their ability to solve complex problems.

The Solution & Results

Larry Bevins, Creative Director at Brand360, hired Robertson Branding as a collaborator in the design process. After establishing a solid brand strategy, Larry Bevins collaborated with me to develop a brand identity that encompassed the qualities outlined in the finished strategy workshop previously conducted.

As a result of precise repositioning, Larry and I crafted an identity system that denotes their global nature and communicates the business as progressive, multi-faceted, secure, and able to service any IT problem.

Yellow Orange
Cerulean Frost
Metallic Sunburst
Gray Web
Vegas Gold

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