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Mobile Groov’n Bus

The Client

Mobile Groov’n Bus


Aaron Robertson
Pat Connolly

Creating a Goovin
Web Experience

Pat Connolly is a San Diego disc jockey who had a brilliant new business venture that involved turning a 1960’s restored Volkswagen bus into the ultimate party machine. To bring his idea to life, he partnered with Robertson Branding to design and develop a groov’n website to promote his services.

The Goal

DJ Pat’s goal with his website was to create a brochure web experience he could refer potential clients to, enabling them to acquire more information and book his party bus for special events.

Our Solution & Results

In our initial discovery with DJ Pat, we quickly learned that the brand’s heroes were the restored Volkswagen buses used for the services provided. Once we were provided the logo and color palette from the client, we started building a website that would focus on the beauty of the buses. Once in the design phase, we utilized customized photography of each bus, showcasing the excellence of their build and color.

To aid in Pat’s client on-boarding process, we implemented a form that connected to the backend of third-party booking software that allowed Pat to see bookings for both Mobile Groovin Bus and SoundProdigy (his DJ business).

As a result of our services, Pat was able to successfully launch his new business and quickly accept event booking

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