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Branding a Mindset of Success

Roan Browne came to Robertson Branding for help with his newest business venture. Being an advocate for mindset training, Roan had an idea for an app and brand that would enable users to step into a mindset of success through affirmations and goal setting. SuccessMode is an app that allows users to set life goals, create affirmations, and use a set of specialized tools that will help condition their mindset for success.

The Goal

The goal of SuccessMode was to create a brand and app that would harvest a mindset of success from the users who used it. Roan is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and so it was my goal to help him build a platform that would allow him to do so.

The Solution & Results

I approached the brand’s design from the aspect of achievement. I emphasized what the outcome could be for those who adopted the SuccessMode mindset. With inspirational photography and a vibrant color palette, I created a look and feel that was motivational and encouraging.

After strategic planning and design, I used preliminary prototypes of the app to test the target audience. I observed their interactions and received their feedback. After analyzing user feedback, I started implementing different features and finalized the design. Finally, once the app’s development was completed, we launched it in Apple’s app store.

Previous to the design and development of the SuccessMode app, Robertson Branding in partnership with PK Son (Almost Inevitable Design) designed an entire web experience to promote and educate users about the brand and app. In addition, the website was created to collect emails and build a marketing list to email once the app launched.

After the launch of the app, SuccessMode procured an overall rating of 4.3 stars and gleaming reviews from its users.

Venetain Red
Honey Yellow
Star Command
Dark Orange
Electric Purple
Yellow Green
Silver Sand
Space Cadet

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