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The Creative Crossing

The Client

The Creative Crossing


Aaron Robertson
Breanna Robertson

Launching a Creative
Brand & Podcast

The Creative Crossing is a podcast where business smarts and creative hearts cross paths to take creative entrepreneurs to the next level, hosted by me and Breanna (my wife). The Creative Crossing is a passion project that Breanna and I started, sharing their knowledge with industry newbies and coaching seasoned professionals to take the next step in their careers.

The Goal

Breanna and I wanted to build a creative hub of resources that graphic designers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of for help in their careers and businesses.

The Solution & Results

Working closely with Breanna, I started with building a brand identity with an approachable look with an emphasis on creativity to position The Creative Crossing as a resource to their target audience. Next, I created a web experience for our listeners that promoted engagement and a central location to download free resources and book coaching sessions.

Breanna and I also strategized and prepared a five-day marketing campaign countdown leading to the official launch of the podcast. At the end of the campaign, Robertson Branding launched the podcast with a Facebook live event where Breanna and I engaged in a Q&A session about our new venture.

As a result of our combined efforts, The Creative Crossing achieved the goal we had set and made the strong foundations needed to maintain a platform for sharing knowledge with the communities we desired to serve.

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